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I've been into Star Trek, and Star Trek fan fiction since the late 1970's, pretty much when a lot of that stuff started! I've been writing my own fanfic since the 90's, and up until very recently I've been exclusively a Trek writer. Lately, however, I've become inspired to start writing in a new series: Stargate Atlantis! My front page will continue to be dedicated to Trek -my first love- but you'll now find a link to my brand new SGA page below the warning paragraph, as well as a link to my Live Journal page, where my most current SGA *and* Trek stories often appear.

In case you don't know my work, you may want to know that most all of these stories (Trek and SGA) are deeply sappy, mushy and romantic with *lots* of hurt/comfort. Either you like that stuff or you don't, but if you do, you've come to the right place!

Oh yeah, there's something else important too:

These stories concern romantic relationships between men. They contain GRAPHIC descriptions of intimate relations between two or more males (among other things).

If you are under the age of 17, or are someone who finds this subject matter distateful then you should proceed NO FURTHER!

The Original Series

Six Loose Ends
in Search of Three Knots

Though I mostly write Next Generation stories about Data and Picard, I have been a fan from way back, and could not fail to drink just once, for inspiration, from the well-spring of all slash and fan fiction.

Hence we have my only Original Series story -a literary tryptich. It takes place immediately after ST IV, and breaks most of our crew (sorry 'Bones' fans -he just ended up the odd man out) up into pairs. Interestingly, these are the same pairs you find them grouped into at the beginning of ST V. Hmm...

You may link to each of it's three parts below:
Knot the First
rated G
Knot the Second
rated PG-13
Knot the Third
rated NC-17

Next Generation


1998 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Winner

3rd Place tie: Best Misc. Slash

This was my first Fan Fic ever, and it was immensly gratifying to be recognized so quickly. Perhaps as a result of this encouragement, this story became the beginning of a sort of mini Picard/Data saga, all of which can be found below.

The story begins in the aftermath of the events in ST VIII: First Contact. Data's time as a captive of the Borg has traumatized him in ways which he doesn't understand, but which Jean Luc Picard understands all too well. When the two reluctantly come together, several minor miracles occur.

Debriefing -NC-17 for graphic sex.

The seeds of this story were planted when I acquired a particular pair of action figures at a local garage sale. I figured it had to be a sign from ... somewhere. In my twisted mind, the figures raised the question: Did vulcan mystics of yore ever pactice anything like what we humans sometimes call 'Tantra'?

What eventually resulted from this exploration is, admittedly, a Spock-goes-into-Pon-Farr-and-must- be-'rescued' story, at its foundations. Data doesn't make any assumptions, however, when he finds himself in a tiny scout ship, miles outside of Federation space, with one of the Federation's most valuable ambassadors who's about to go crazy and die from the Pon-Farr, and neither should you, because things turn out very differently than either of them imagined!

Truthseeker -NC-17 for graphic sex

The Way of the Truth Seeker

2001 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Winner

2nd Place tie: Best Misc. Male/Male


Now with another Babs illo!
yet another fantastic illo by the talented Pickledance as a Bonus, at the end of the story!

Read the previous story, Way of the Truthseeker, and ask yourself: What happens next?

And here it is at last! Only a week or so past the Fall equinox, so I'm not that late. Read and enjoy!

2003 ASCEM Golden Orgasm Winner

1st Place: Best Misc. Male/Male

No indeed, I did not care for Nemesis. Don't get me started. I don't generally go for 'fix-it' stories either, but in this case I found myself compelled.
The result is this plot-heavy monster, chock full of byzantine Vulcan/Romulan/Federation politics. A lot of loose ends are tied up. Picard suffers, magnificently. Spock comes to the rescue, then B-4 comes to the rescue ... or is he really B-4?
The bunny at the bottom of the bowl is a nice, mushy, happy ending, with a lovely finish of delicious, slashy sex.

By Any Other Name

By Any Other Name
NC-17 for graphic sex in the very last chapter!


Updated! 3/16/'07
With a new illustration by Babs!

An inspiration from, and thank you gesture for Babs Bunny, who's lovely Data illos have come to grace this page. This is as close to a PWP as you'll ever get from me, though the tiny shreds of plot you'll find are fairly inconsequential and silly. There's also just a teeny-weensy bit of h/c here, 'cause I just can't seem to write anything without it.

Highly contrived circumstances cause our heros to get soaked, then get frisky. Enjoy!

"The subject I have been studying this week," Data began at last, meeting Jean Luc's gaze directly, "is control."

Exercise #93

Newest Story!

"He had been expecting Data, as he and his third officer had agreed to meet in the holodeck for this Dixon Hill adventure -one of Data's choice this time. He had not, however, expected the character which Data had chosen to personify."

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