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Obessive Fan Art Efforts


These are all copies of photographs and screencaps from varios episodes. I did them origianlly as studies, to learn how to draw the characters' faces on my own. All original images and characters are, of course, (c) MGM and the like.

Rodney McKay

Radek Zelenka

Carson Beckett

Some (*koff*) 'adult' stuff

A Tender Moment

Nudity, homoerotic implications

In a Predicament

Previous warnings + BDSM
link to eclipse

More of the same


Inextricably Entwined

Nudity, touchy-feely crap

Beckett's Threesome

Nudity, homoerotic depiction, multiple partners, BDSM

Beckett's Pleasure

Previous warnings
link to lapsit
Lap Sit

More of the same

Illustrations from: "By the Waters of Babylon"

The following illustrations resulted from a 4 week period when I was computerless, and therefor had a lot of time on my hands.  Many of these (though not all) are, in fact, moments from the story I was then writing, currently being posted on my LJ.  Here is where you'll find The Storythough if you have not read the prequels (links are on the story page) you will want to.

Distraction Thumbnail
A Needed Distraction
Adult Imagery

Three Lovers
Three Lovers
watching Icon
"She's Watching Us..."
Adult Imagery
Sleeping Geeks Icon
Sleeping Geeks

Shpwer Icon
The Obligatory Shower Scene

Devotion Icon
Adult Imagery
Climax Icon
Adult Imagery
Pleasure and Desire Icon
"Feel Nothing But Pleasure and Desire"
Adult Imagery

Athletic Icon
"Wow, who knew you were so athletic?"
Adult Imagery, Product Placement

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